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Belgian Full Contact Karate Spring Camp

At the weekend I taught at the Belgian Full Contact Karate Spring Camp in Oostende.

Having been a student on this camp a couple of times in the past, it was so interesting to see it from an instructors point of view. I joined an incredible teaching line up of high level instructors and fighters, and was so delighted with the way I was accepted into that line.

Having recently suffered a mini motivation dip after the IFK European Championship, this camp has well and truly put my head back in the game.

What I found so inspiring at this camp was the way that you would never know that everyone (teachers and students alike) came from different countries and karate organisations. People who’d never met each other regarded one another as old friends, and there was just such a feel-good vibe in every session taught.

I taught a women’s class, which I’ve done a couple of times before. I love these sessions: a group of likeminded women all kicking ass and learning from one another. At this class I also taught a couple of things that were very precious to me as they came to me from my late coach, Sensei Steve Worrell. It’s been a year since he passed now, and I can just imagine how happy he would have been to see everyone learning and enjoying the drills that he had taught me in the past.

I won’t deny that I was a little nervous that when it came to general classes I might have been left with very small groups – with people preferring to train with other groups, but I was proven wrong. Never did I expect so many macho karate men to be so happy to be taught by a woman. This just goes to show that the once male dominated field of Karate is really moving forwards and everyone really does feel equal. High level but respectful sparring with everyone catching me out with the things that I’d taught them was another highlight.

I’ll be heading for France to teach again this coming weekend and going to participate myself in camps in Bulgaria, Bacelona and the UK in coming months. It’s a great summer of opportunities for all Karateka with so much to learn and so many friends to make!

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