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Kneeling and Standing exercise

The how:

  • Begin standing tall with your feet a hip width apart and toes pointing forwards.
  • Keep your core lightly engaged throughout the exercise.
  • Kneel down backwards on to your left knee, then place your right knee down beside it.
  • Sit your bottom back on to your heels.
  • Pick up your right leg again and place the foot on the floor so that you are back on your left knee.
  • Push into your right heel to return back to a standing position.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Top tip: Make sure you keep the torso upright and as still as you can whilst preforming the exercise; avoid leaning forward or swaying the upper body from side to side.


The why:

  • These are a great exercise to maintain suppleness in the lower body (specifically the hips and knee joints).
  • They’re a good warm up exercise to fire up the glutes and warm up the quads before lifting heavy weights.
  • They’re a great exercise to do anywhere, as no equipment is required!


Make it easier:

To make this exercise a bit easier, you can preform it beside a chair or stool that you can place one hand on to help aid balance and core stability.


Make it harder:

To make this exercise more difficult, try holding a weight (or heavy household items) in front of your chest whilst you do the exercise.


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