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10 Reasons to give Pilates a chance



I know lots of really high level sports people who will only ever do a workout that leaves them sore and sweaty (erm, me too), but in my journey to qualify as a pilates instructor over the last year, I’ve learnt lots of reasons why doing this form of exercise has a benefit for just about everyone, and why you shouldn’t discount it just because the calorie burn doesn’t quite match a HIT class.

  • We all have imbalances. Pilates exercises can expose them are and help us to strengthen weak muscles therefore correcting those imbalances.
  • It’s great non-impact exercise for people that might not be able to manage higher intensity training, or people with injuries who need a lower impact workout whilst they recover.
  • Everyone can benefit from a stronger core. Think, less six-pack crunches, more enhancing your God-given corset muscles.
  • Pilates is a full body workout, just about every muscle will be used in any given session.
  • It’s great for injury rehabilitation. Pilates focuses on fixing the cause of an injury, not the symptoms of it.
  • It’s very good for coordination – some of the exercises have some complicated choreography, meaning it’s not only a good workout for your body, but for your mind too.
  • Pilates improves our posture by focusing on exercises that strengthen specific muscles and giving us a little more understanding of why those muscles are so important. We tend to leave a Pilates class standing a little taller thanks to a newfound awareness of our bodies.
  • It is good for our flexibility; when we sit at desks or in cars all day, our muscles can become short and tight. Pilates will help us to open up and stretch out in some of those niggly areas.
  • Pilates improves our mind body connection. Concentrating on breathing whilst you are exercising helps to deepen that connection and with mindfulness all the rage at the moment…!
  • It’s suitable for everyone – even if you have a condition that means that you can’t join the class at your local gym, there will be someone somewhere offering Pilates that you can do!
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