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Female fighting seminar round-up

It’s just over a week since my trip to The Netherlands to teach a female fighting based seminar and I’m still buzzing. To have so many people (120) make the trip to train with me was an incredible experience.

The day was made up of two sessions, and I tried to cover relevant topics for female fighters. Some of these ideas are listed below:


  • How and when to change timing and distances within a fight
  • The impact of throwing techniques from different angles
  • The importance of body positioning and core strength when throwing a technique
  • How to balance strength training and relevant exercises for fighting
  • Exercises to train explosiveness
  • Speed training for kicks
  • Putting these things into practise in controlled sparring


These are just some of the elements I think are really important in fighting today and will hopefully provide people with food for thought so that they can improve on them even more than I have – after all, that’s how we all keep getting better!

I’d like to thank Sensei Jet and Senpai Twan from Tomoe Dojo for hosting this great event, and everyone who turned up and trained with such amazing attitudes that made such a day a success.




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