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One thing that has really struck me this New Year was the amount of people giving the finger to the ‘New Year New Me’ sentiment.

No crash diets, no big personality changes: New Year, Same Me - because I’m enough as I am.

Of course a New Year can be a great motivator for changes we do want to make, as can a major life event like a wedding, big birthday or a new job or home, but we are slowly realising that we don’t need to change who we inherently are.

The truth is that my body is genuinely happier at about 2kgs heavier than I think it is, and that’s OK! I can also be really grouchy if I don’t get my alone time, and that’s fine too. Those are things about me and about my body that make up who I am, and that’s the stuff I don’t want to change. Reading a bit more, or learning a new skill – now that’s the stuff our resolutions should be made up of. Getting back to my love of writing these posts is mine! They’ll be short and sweet, but you’re going to be hearing a lot more from me again.

Have a great one everyone; let’s make it positive, fun and healthy from start to finish.


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