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Single leg squat


The how:

  • Begin by standing in front of a chair. Transfer your weight on to your left foot. Try to press all of your toes and your heel evenly into the floor to have a strong base.
  • Try to keep your right leg extended straight out in front of you.
  • Inhale as you gently lower your hips to the chair by bending your left leg. You can extend the arms in front of you as a counter balance.
  • Exhale as you begin to stand back up on the left leg.
  • Engage the core muscles throughout the exercise to stabilise the body.
  • Repeat the exercise on the right leg.

Top tip: Try to control the movement on the way down - don’t just ‘lump’ down into the chair.


The why:

  • Single leg squats develop strength in the muscles of the lower body
  • Single leg squats are a functional exercise that challenges our stability and balance
  • They also strengthen the core muscles and help to improve balance
  • They’re a great exercise to do anywhere!


Make it easier:

If you are struggling control your squat on the way down, place a cushion or two on the chair to raise the height of it. As you improve you can take away the extra height.


Make it harder:

To make this exercise a bit more difficult try preforming the squat without the chair. If this seems like a bit of a jump, try just tapping the chair on the way down and standing straight back up, without fully sitting down. You can also increase the range of motion by going a bit lower (try a stool or similar).



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