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Pro fight for Kyokushin Profi

I’ve recently arrived back from Moscow where I competed in my first professional Kyokushin fight.

Firstly, I just wanted to talk a little bit about what a great weekend I had. It was my first experience of the Kyokushin Profi organisation, and in my opinion everything was run very smoothly and efficiently, and the athletes were all well looked after. This is also the first time that I’ve seen female pro fights – and everyone knows how important this equality is to me.

My opponent, Alina Polishchuck, was very strong and I believe we put on a good fight that the crowed enjoyed watching – something that I know is of paramount importance for a professional fight.

In my opinion, the best thing about these types of bouts is the emphasis on throwing nice, quality techniques and putting together a structured, skilful fight. I really like this when compared to how lots of competitions have now become a little bit more about ‘hit and rush’ style fighting; where fighters seem more focused on out working each other with a high volume of light techniques, rather than outsmarting each other with quality techniques aimed at causing damage.

Of course, there will always be many differences when having one fight and knowing that you won’t fight again at all that weekend. You don't have the worry of collecting injuries to carry though a who day, sometimes two, of fighting. Taking away the shin pads and increasing the length of rest between rounds will always produce some better quality too.

All in all my first professional fight was great (of course it helps that I walked away as the winner on this occasion), but I really hope that this won’t be the last experience of this type of fighting for me!


You can watch my fight here 

27/2/2019 17:46 - Congratulatios .
Perfect acutes be success.
I am from afghanistan I also exersice karate.
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