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Benefits of swimming

Swimming can get a bit of a bad rep – it can be quite time consuming (when compared to slinging on a pair of trainers and popping out for a run). It’s not the most enticing idea on a cold wet day. And it never falls at the right time to get your hair wet.


I didn’t used to particularly like it myself, despite knowing lots of the benefits, because I just couldn’t really do it. I found it so hard to drag myself from one end of the pool to the other, that I just couldn’t understand how anyone would think it was fun.


However that all changed when (channel swimming) clients of mine gave me a swimming lesson. One afternoon with them was ground breaking. Suddenly I understood what to do and how to do it, and I really wanted to do it more.


  • Swimming is a whole body workout. You will exercise your lungs and your heart – meaning that we get a good cardio kick. The water also provides resistance for the muscles, meaning that it is a good strength building activity too. Playing around with speed and strokes means that we can adapt our workout to suit our individual goals.


  • The combination of different strokes and movement patterns is great for training our coordination.


  • Swimming in non-weight bearing – so it can be suitable for people with injuries that prevent them from being able to take part in other activities. It’s also popular with Mum’s to be (although it’s always wise to check with a healthcare professional if you think there is any reason that swimming might not be suitable for you).


  • Swimming can also be good for the mind. As with many forms of exercise, it provides a boost in mood-enhancing hormones, but also lots of people find the water extra peaceful.


If you don’t feel particularly confident at swimming, or would like to improve your technique, I would really recommend having lessons. Taking swimming from a chore to something really enjoyable is so worth the investment!

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