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Eight things I love about my job as a Personal Trainer

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have noticed that I always use the hash tag #lovewhatyoudo at the end of my posts (and if you don’t, hop on over to @markwellfitness and give me a follow). But what does it really mean to love what you do?

It doesn’t necessarily mean that you spring out of bed at 5am SO EXCITED about being awake at such an ungodly hour (sometimes in minus temperatures). (I am human afterall).

But it does mean that you wouldn’t swap your job for any other, and it means that (usually once you’ve ingested some caffeine) you forget that you’re even really working, because you just enjoy what you’re doing.


For anyone thinking of a career in Personal Training, or for someone considering a Personal Trainer and want to know a bit more about the person behind the trainer, these are the things I love the most about what I do:

  • Seeing someone gain confidence. Some of the clients I train in their homes aren’t the most outwardly confident of people – but seeing people get more confident over a period of time as their bodies might change and grow stronger is never stops being rewarding.
  • Likewise, seeing someone achieve something that they didn’t think they could do: being part of someone's journey is a really special thing.
  • Being the reason that someone can turn from stressed when they arrive at a session, to relaxed and happy when they finish. Fitness isn't all about the physical side of things, helping people to achieve a healthy mind and attitude is super rewarding too. 
  • The fitness industry is constantly growing and evolving, which means I have to keep my knowledge up to date and have to keep reading and learning.
  • Having motivation and reason to look after my own health and fitness – I can’t really advise that my clients take care of their nutrition or sleeping habits, if I don’t do that myself.
  • I get lots of time outdoors myself (which is kinda better in the summer) but everyone knows we all always feel better after a bit of time spent outdoors.
  • There are lots of avenues that my career can eventually take me down, which is really exciting.
  • The flexibility of working for myself and managing my own time is a huge win. Trips to the supermarket and the post office take half the time on a Tuesday afternoon than when you have to go at the same time as everyone else.



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