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Small steps can make a big healthy change


Every decision we make in life has a start point. Sometimes those points are more obvious than others, but we can usually trace anything that we are doing today back to a point when we made a decision that would result in our lives being that way.


For instance: my decision to begin a career in health and fitness. I'd been out in the working world for a few years; happy enough and plodding along nicely. However, from somewhere came this niggling idea that I could be happier. That I could use my passion; working to help people achieve their own health and fitness related goals. After months of thinking I tentatively checked out a few websites to find out a bit more information about a prospective route into the world of Personal Training I chatted about it with friends and family, and other people I know in the industry. I attended open evenings and read books. Then I took action, I booked a course, told my employers and got stuck in.


And I haven't looked back since.


The process of my own career change isn’t unique. It’s the same process that you might go through when it comes to adopting a healthier lifestyle through diet and exercise.


Most of us are aware of the benefits of eating our 5 a day and being physically active, some people might even be contemplating making some changes. Maybe you're reading this blog entry because you're doing a bit of research and preparing yourself to make some changes. Maybe you've already taken action (bravo!!) and you’re deciding what’s next. All of these steps are significant points in marking the change between one way of life and another.


Remember though, that change is hard. It’s normal for motivation to slip along the way, or maybe some changes can just seem way too big and scary. Break the change down in to smaller steps, or re trace the steps you’ve already taken to come this far and you’ll soon be back on track.

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