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No Gym? No Problem.

The Markwell Fitness guide to working out without a gym. 

Having never been a huge fan of the conventional gym, I’ve built strength and fitness over the years by going to classes, training by myself indoors and out, outdoor running, working out with friends in the park, and simply by being active.


Whilst working out in a gym may have its benefits, it can also be costly, a bit intimidating, and not exactly conducive to getting any extra fresh air that we are all denied by sitting behind our computers all day long. 


I know that getting down to a truly progressive programme might seem a bit more daunting outside of the gym, without all of the machines tracking progress for you, but it’s certainly do able.


Try using our top three tips to maximise output from your home or outdoor workouts.


Problem number one: The Great British weather


Of course, it’s nice to work out outdoors when conditions are perfect, but it doesn’t quite seem to happen often enough.

But it’s quite simple really. Too cold? Wear more clothes (you’ll warm up). Too hot? Avoid workouts in the middle of the day, find yourself some shade and stay hydrated. Raining? Once you’re wet, you’re wet. You’re going to sweat anyway!

I like to think that getting fresh air is way better for you than air-conditioned, climate controlled rooms with no real ventilation.

And if it’s really that grotty outside, open a window in your living room and get moving. A suspension trainer is the ideal thing to chuck over the door and get on with a small space workout at home.


Problem number two: You can’t exactly take a barbell and weights to the park with you


Definitely a good point. It isn’t really feasible to set up a squat rack and lug a load of weights about with you, but there is an answer: Kettlebells.

Kettlebells are ideal for small space workouts and taking outdoors. Strength and cardio, serious core work, functionality and flexibility all rolled in to one, portable piece of equipment. What’s not to love? (Perhaps just the sore glutes the next day)!


Problem number three: You feel like you can’t track your progress


With the fitness trackers, GPS watches and heart rate monitors that have recently been taking over the market, it’s never been easier to keep an eye on your fitness levels, distance travelled and pace at any time of the day, let alone when you’re working out. So you don’t need that treadmill with all the flashing lights after all, a simple running route will do the job just fine.

And when it comes to lifting weights, with such a huge range of dumbbells and kettlebells available, you’ll be able to track your progress like you would in any gym based strength session.


And after all that, here’s the best bit: when you’ve got home from work after a long day and can’t bear the thought of going out, who’s going to stop you doing a quick ab routine in your pyjamas?

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