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Seven reasons to work out on a Sunday


People tend to have mixed feelings about Sundays: day of rest, or day to do everything? Whichever way you see a Sunday, it doesn’t have to be an exercise-free day. Have a look at our top reasons to make every Sunday a workout day.


1. You get to pick the where: You don’t need to be tied to your usual gym just because it’s close to the office, or do the same running route because it’s close to home. Get out and explore some new places, and remember which ones you enjoy the most!


2. You get to pick then when: You can workout at any time of the day. If you cherish your Sunday lay-in, then you can workout in the afternoon or in the evening. If you’re an early riser you can get up and get at it early. Sunday’s are all about that flexibility.


3. Working out makes you more likely to eat healthily. Whether you’ve worked out in the morning, or if you plan to do it later in the day; you’re much less likely to put rubbish in pre workout, or re fuel with it after.


4. You’ll find yourself in a better mood and escape some of those crushing ‘Sunday blues’. Thank you endorphins.


5. Your workout buddies are likely to be free too: you don’t have to go it alone! Planning a workout with a friend makes you more likely to stick to it. (Along with the added benefit of Sunday brunch with said buddy post workout).


6. Trainers know that people have more time to workout at the weekend, so check out which classes are available. There’s such a wide variety out there; so if you’re a Sunday-rester check out some Pilates or yoga classes, and if you’re a Sunday-doer, check out circuit or HIIT style classes.


7. If you had a heavy Saturday night, a hangover may well put paid to any plans to exercise. But a light workout often is the best way to get back to normal again quickly so you can get on with enjoying the rest of your day (just remember to hydrate)!


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