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Journaling your way to a stress free life



Journaling is seriously popular right now. Just a quick Google will return loads of pages about the hows and the whys of journaling. It ties in with the other buzzword on everyone’s lips (or minds) at the moment – Mindfulness. So I just wanted to share my own experiences of journaling and what it’s meant for me.

I got given a Daily Greatness Business Planner Journal last year for a Christmas present. That journal has become one of the most useful gifts I’ve been given. I use it every day, and it’s helped me thus far to grow my business (my diary has never been so full) and encouraged me to get back on to the blog writing that I so loved doing when I created my first website a few years ago. It’s also given me places to think about expansion in the future, and helped me create a behind the scenes structure, because running my own business goes a lot further than just turning up to the appointments on time!

I’ve always been a keen ‘to-do’ list-er. But goodness knows I do like to stress myself out. I have lists on lists on lists. They’re on my phone, on post it notes, in my diary, in an assortment of notebooks and in just about every nook and cranny of my mind. However, having a journal gives me somewhere to write down all of those ideas and jobs that I want / need to do, all of the ideas for the future of my business, and it helps me work out which jobs are more urgent and forces me to prioritise. Goodbye procrastination!

Studies are starting to show that journaling can help to improve our mental wellbeing too. Writing in a journal (about any area of your life) can decrease our stress levels and increase our self-esteem. It can help up step away from the other worldliness of social media (bonus points). Journaling can help us to create goals and targets and then break them down into manageable chunks – and that feeling of self-pride, when looking back over all the little mountains that have climbed all in the name of achieving our goal is well worth it (believe me)! It can also help us to be more disciplined: having to set aside 10/20/30 minutes a day to journal isn’t always easy, just as picking a salad in a restaurant isn’t always easy either. But as with everything that’s a bit tough in the beginning, the more we keep focused and push ourselves, the easier these things become over time until one day they’re just another healthy habit that we have.

Daily Greatness sell a fantastic range of journals, from a general one, to a business planner, a wellness journal, an exercise one and more. To claim 5% off your own Daily Greatness journal just follow this link http://dailygreatness.refr.cc/55578GG.


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