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How to lazy proof your workouts this winter




The days are getting shorter, and the temperature has definitely dropped more than a few degrees. We wouldn’t be human if it wasn’t our natural instinct to want to dive straight into the duvet the moment we get home, and ignore our exercise programme until spring rolls around.


However, we all know that exercise is vital to keep healthy and well, especially over the winter when the office heating system is passing around the latest bug, and the festive season is just around the corner meaning parties aplenty.


So here are some top tips to help you stick to that workout schedule, even when it seems like the hardest thing in the world.


  • Enlist someone to check in with. Or even better, to check up on you! How much worse will it feel to tell that person that you skipped your workout than actually getting up and doing it?


  • Make appointments with yourself and put them in your diary – actually write them in! If you schedule your week of workouts in a good couple of weeks in advance, you’ll find yourself more likely to book other things around them, rather than letting them slide.


  • Pack your gym kit the night before. Take it to work with you. After lugging it to work, you’re much more likely to use it rather than want to take it all the way back home again unused. Or if you're a morning workout-er, lay it out beside your bed, and put it striaght on as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. 


  • Plan to meet someone to workout with. It’s accountability that helps here, someone is going to be there waiting for you, you can’t be the one that cancels.


  • Work out with a trainer. Accountability again, but this time you’re paying for it. You’re far less likely to cancel when there’s cash at stake.


  • Book on a course of sessions. Lots of studios or gyms offer 6 or 8 week courses of classes. If you book on a course you will want to progress with everyone else in the class


  • Set alarms. Remind yourself that you need to work out. Annoy yourself so much that it’s easier just to work out in the first place!


  • Think of a form of ‘punishment’ for missed sessions. How about putting a fiver in a jar every time you miss a scheduled workout and at the end of 3 months, that money has to go to charity. Any incentive can work, but it needs to be something that will motivate you to not skip a session.


  • Sign up for a run or an event taking place in the spring. Having something to work towards over the winter months is a great way to stay on track and keep focused. 


And it's important to remember, not every workout has to be your longest, hardest workout ever. 10 minutes of activity is better than 0 minutes, 10 push ups is better than 0 push ups, a gentle stretching routine at home is better than a night on the sofa where you don’t move at all. Aim to be kind to but firm with yourself in equal measures, that’s where you’ll get your results.





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