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What I've learned from tournaments this year


It’s been a hard tournament year. I’ve felt like I’ve been in some phase of prep all year long and now I’m excited to be taking a couple of weeks away from the dojo, perhaps doing some pilates, yoga and some swimming. Giving myself a break before it all starts again next year.


This year I’ve fought in three world championships and a British Open with a line up of fighters that could be at any of those championships too. The British Open was a real highlight of the year, but I know that really we learn more from our lows than our highs.


And this year I feel like I’ve learnt a lot. The results weren’t all what they could have been, but I’ve accepted that that’s ok. 10+ years into my knockdown career and I feel like I’m still learning and improving, so that’s really, really positive. I’ve learned that I have to be more ready to leave my comfort zone. I’ve learned that I can fight across weight categories and across organisations. I’ve learned that it’s more important to me to receive love and support from friends all over the world, than a 1st place trophy. And I've learned that it's important to feel proud of yourself: there's a time and a place to be hard on yourself, but it's important to show yourself a bit of love and compassion too. 


What’s more is that I’ve learned that I can do all this even after the painful loss of my wonderful coach Steve Worrell just before the first tournament of the year. He prepared me so well for every event by demonstrating what true spirit and strength of character is.


The KWU World Tournament was a great way to finish the year. The tournament was of such a high standard and I won’t lie that I felt under a bit of pressure going into the event. So to have made it to the final under such circumstances is something to really be proud of.


Watch my final fight here at 2hrs 09mins.

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