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The Markwell Fitness top 10 fit and healthy Instagrammers


We are in an age where we are increasingly living more and more of our lives online. When we want to exercise more and eat more healthily we now turn to Instagram and copy what other people are doing. 

But how can you tell the real advice from the fake, the 'tea toxes' from the five-a-day: basically, what really works?

Markwell Fitness have compiled a list of our favourite bloggers - some for their recipies, others for their workout vidoes, and some just for keeping it real. 


Dr Hazel Wallace (@thefoodmedic)

Hazel is a junior doctor, a qualified Personal Trainer and an author. Her feed is full of real, backed up advice, workouts and deliciously healthy meal ideas. Her posts feel more honest and authentic given her background in medicine.


Alice Liveing (@aliceliveing)

Alice is a Personal Trainer, author and columnist for Women’s Health magazine. Her workout videos are often full of ideas for exercises that can be adapted at home, plus her meals are real healthy eating inspiration.


Fearne Cotton (@fearnecotton)

She cooks healthy delicious food, runs, does yoga, has a Mum bun and an awesome wardrobe and keeps it real about mental health (one part of our health that often gets overshadowed by the rest).


Eric Thomas (@etthehiphoppreacher)

ET is a motivational speaker and his videos are truly inspiring stuff. I like to watch them before training or before a tournament as his passion can really help get you fired up.


Women’s Health UK (@womenshealthuk)

Celebrating the health and fitness of real women, with a hefty dose of funny and relatable posts. They sometimes have guests taking over their Instagram Stories too so you get some fresh and interesting ideas. 


Madeleine Shaw (@madeleine_shaw_)

Madeleine Shaw is a blogger, author, and a nutritional therapist. But even more importantly shes a local, Wandsworth Mummy (like so many of my lovely clients are), making her far more relatable.


Craig Norris (@craig_nadashakti)

My fave yoga teacher on the Yogaia website (see my blog all about this brilliant virtual Yoga studio), he teaches the best flow classes, and great yoga for anxiety classes. He’s funny and cheeky both on Insta and when teaching.


Tiny Buddah (@tinybuddhaofficial)

Little pearls of wisdom and strength, perfect for when we need a little lift. Reminding us to be kind, conscientious, and loving is as important as remembering to eat our five a day.


Deliciously Stella (@deliciouslystella)

Keeping things real – and remind us that health and fitness isn’t an all or nothing way of life. Have fun along the way, and keep things balanced. Just remember not to take her diet tips too seriously…!


And finally (of course) Markwell Fitness (@markwellfitness), for fitness, food and fighting motivation; hoping to make you Look Well and Feel Well.


Just remember this one thing about Instagram - you're looking at a perfect snapshot of someone's life. They haven't put up the photo of them eating a chocolate biscuit, or the video of them failing to get that exercise right. Our lives need to be balanced, not perfect, so don't ever feel discouraged by one filtered photo you see online. 



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