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Cardio workouts that aren’t running

Not everyone loves running – fact.

But when faced with the thought that now and again we need to up our cardio, somehow one of the first workouts that comes to mind is running: “I need to do more cardio, but I hate running.”


But there are so many options. The cardio training spectrum is vast. We have long slow distance training (LSDT), interval training, lactate-threshold training, fartlek training (random speed play), and moderate intensity training*. These are all cardiovascular workouts (which are good for your heart and lungs), but no one ever said we have to run them all.


Here are some different options of cardio workouts that you might like to try if running really isn’t your thing:


Walking / hiking - Vary your pace and tackle some hills.


Swimming - Different strokes use different muscles.


Cycling - Lots of different terrains vary the effort levels required.


Cross trainer - Great low impact exercise using both upper and lower body.


Martial arts - Punching and kicking uses lots of muscle groups at any given time.


HIIT workouts - Can easily be done at home if you can’t make it to a class.


Spin classes - Varied resistances and tempos with an instructor adding a bit of extra motivation.


Skipping - High intensity – only a short workout needed for effective results.


Weight training - Some strength training programmes can have an unexpected cardio burn.


Rowing - Very challenging but perfect for any type of cardio workout.


Aerobics / Zumba classes - The added benefit of being fun so not always noticing how hard you’re working!


So try something new and you might find another cardio workout that actually does it for you - remember, exercise should be enjoyable if we are serious about long term commitment to it - we'll never stick to something we hate. 


*Head back next week for a deeper look into the different types of training mentioned here!


6/2/2018 21:10 - Some great alternative cardio workouts when we feel the roads/lanes are too dangerous!!
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