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Skipping as part of an exercise programme

I love skipping (as many of my clients will know) and not only for my clients but also as part of my own training programmes.

And here’s why:

  • Skipping is a high impact exercise. High impact exercise is one of the most effective ways to burn fat.
  • High impact exercise is also good for heart health and blood pressure.
  • Impact exercise is a good way to strengthen the bones as high impact activity causes the bones to add mass in response.
  • When jumping on to both feet the impact is absorbed by both knees, not just one as in running, so it may lower the risk of knee damage
  • It’s an efficient way to work out – you can burn the same calories in less time skipping rather than running.
  • You don’t need much space, and a skipping rope costs very little compared to pricey gym memberships.
  • You can vary your skipping workouts – doing shorter faster rounds, or longer slower ones, adding in things like cross overs, double unders and high knees.
  • The core gets a good workout when skipping.
  • Skipping can help to improve coordination and balance.


But remember if you have bone or joint disorders or a heart disorder; you should check with your doctor before adding skipping to your workout programme.

Also it’s good practice to stretch the calves out well following a skipping workout – all that bouncing can make them really tight, which can lead to other problems further down the line.




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