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Skills based exercise

My clients often tell me how much they enjoy boxing as part of our PT sessions. And often it’s not just because punching something is an amazing stress reliever (true). I usually find that the reason people love boxing so much is because when they’re concentrating so hard on following a set combination of punches, keeping their guard up, moving from side to side, engaging their core, breathing correctly (need I go on…?), they’re not concentrating on how exhausting the exercise is.


I’ve long found this to be the case myself - skills based exercise has a medititve quality. When I’m learning something new in karate I find my concentration so heightened that I forget that I’m actually doing physical activity and that my body is becoming more tired. At the moment I’m finding exactly the same thing as I’m learning Olymipc lifts and Thai Boxing skills – you have to bring yourself into the present moment and give it your full attention – there’s no space to be thinking about that problem at work, or what to have for dinner.


Team games are especially good: not only are you learning a new skill, but the added competitive edge can make you work harder, and help you to stick to the programme, as you are now accountable to a team. The added bonus of team games is that they usually have a social element too – meaning a whole new group of buddies!


And the great thing is you come away from it with a brand new skill, which usually incorporates other things too; like agility, speed, coordination, balance and even flexibility. Learning something new as an adult can be hugely motivating and confidence boosting.


Some examples of skills based workouts are listed below

  • Boxing
  • Netball
  • Hockey
  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Dance
  • Martial arts
  • Volleyball
  • Rugby




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