See below a selection of testimonials from some of our satisfied clients; contact us if you would like to find out if what we do will work just as well for you!
"Emma is very patient and supportive. When I started working with her my back was so painful (and weak) I wasn't sure I'd ever be able to exercise properly again. My lower back was so stiff I had hardly any mobility/flexibility at all. Now it's so much better I can exercise on my own and I'm working towards my goal of being able to run 10k again." - LOUISE F.
"Emma is an amazing personal trainer and I cannot recommended her more! She pushes me very hard but in such a nice way that you always want to give more. She is very thorough; making sure every exercise is done safely and correctly before increasing intensity; and last but not least, she is a great motivator, giving positive and clear instruction that boost my confidence and makes me enjoy the session. If I could I would work out with her much more than I do!" - VERONICA M.
"Emma is more than just a personal trainer – she is now a friend. Having been terrified of doing any exercise a couple of years ago, I now actively look forward to our sessions as I know that Emma will push me to challenge myself in a really supportive and encouraging way, but at a pace that doesn’t intimitdate me. I know I'll also feel energised and upbeat after one of our sessions. She also is great (and very patient) with my energetic 17 month old son running riot throughout our sessions. Finally, I also think she's really impressive and inspiring with the way she juggles amazing success at her sport with running her own business and all her clients." - CLEMMIE T.
"Emma is a true ambassador for the personal training profession. She sets the industry benchmark exceptionally high. Unlike other PTs I have trained with, I trust Emma implicitly to notice details such as correcting form, which is so important to avoid injury and making sure you activate the right muscles! You can really tell Emma is a top professional athlete in addition to being an excellent PT. She is an endless source of valuable health and fitness knowledge. The sessions strike the perfect balance of being tough, varied, and fun. Emma is wonderfully friendly and professional and always well prepared with a variety of apparatus. She knows how and when to push you to achieve your best and will tailor the sessions if you have a fitness goal you would like to achieve. I shaved 17 minutes off my marathon PB once I started training with Emma! I quit the gym when I started training with Emma and have never regretted it. I’m more fit, happy and healthy now than I have ever been – and I'm almost 40! I love my weekly outdoor sessions, whatever the weather. I would recommend her to everyone – it's a privilege to be one of her regular clients!" - CATHERINE W.
"Emma is motivational, positive and fun whilst always providing an intense, varied and focused training session. She has created a tailor-made programme that features a wide array of different exercises and interesting activities to help me achieve my goals and personal fitness ambitions. Emma's training background really shines through and she proves herself to be committed, dedicated and insanely knowledgeable, and is always there to give tips and advice on technique, posture and position, without ever making me feel self conscious or stupid! Working out with Emma is never a chore, I always look forward to each session and can't wait to find out what she has in store for the next one! I honestly can't recommend her enough!" - JON K.
"Having tried other personal trainers without much success finally I have found one who tailors the session to my abilities and requirements beautifully. I love Emma's approach, not too 'sergeant major' like but still pushes you as far as you can go. The results are speaking for themselves." - JUDY U.
"I have been training with Emma for over a month now and have found the experience really positive and fun! The variety of exercises session to session ensures that you're kept engaged and always learning new things and testing your limits in different ways. I never feel stupid if I get something wrong or can't do something as well as I'd like to. Emma is encouraging and has the intuition to know when to push you harder and give you that extra boost of energy. I had a minor injury one week and she tailored the session so that I was able to still train hard with the reassurance that I wasn't going to do any further damage. I would definitely recommend training with Emma, especially outside – it beats a gym any day!" - LOIS M.
"I trust Emma completely - she pushes me when I need it, encourages me when I doubt myself and has completely changed the way I look and feel. Her training sessions are tonics for my body and mind." - SAADIA A.
"I've been working out regularly with Emma for several weeks now and I've really enjoyed it. I'm 62, overweight and with a bit of a dodgy knee and she pushes me and makes me sweat every week but always considers my age, ability and needs and never goes too far. We work out in the park when the weather is OK, or indoors if it's not, I'm getting fitter and losing weight too, and having fun." - LEON M.
"I started training with Emma in an attempt to get back to pre-pregnancy fitness. I really enjoy my weekly session and have gotten a lot stronger and more toned since starting. I'm also back running and the strength training has helped me do so without the niggles and aches I experience previously. Emma is organised, efficient and knowledgeable and makes sure that there is no slacking - but in the nicest possible way!" - MICHELLE Y.
"Training with Emma has been a real pleasure. She found my level right away and has pushed it up and up, week on week. I now feel more physically fit, have boosted energy levels and I'm more confident and a happier person. I'll rate her 9.7, so that she still feels there's some room for improvement :-)" - MARK H.
"Emma has a great approach to personal training, she is incredibly motivational and makes a point of finding exercises you enjoy, incorporating them in to sessions to make them fun. When I first started with Emma I was really unfit and because of this far too self-conscious to try a new sport or a gym class but Emma instills you with so much support both in improving your fitness levels and increasing your confidence. Couldn't recommend her more!" - IMOGEN N.
"Working with Emma has been amazing, her training has not only helped me to progress in my fitness goals but also got me through a difficult time in life; thanks to consistent regular training" - KAISA K.
"Training with Emma is always varied, challenging and fun. She built a program for me that rebuilt my core after two c-sections in quick succession and I am now stronger and fitter than ever. I would recommend Emma to every new mum to help find motivation, enjoy the perks of exercise and get results." - CLAIRE H.
"I could not recommend Emma more, she knows her stuff and is very supportive. She is really great company too which makes a huge difference." - SARAH D.
"Emma's sessions keep me fit, healthy and strong. I have never felt better or more confident. Having never been a sporty or athletic person, I am amazed at how much I enjoy the sessions with Emma. She always mixes the sessions so we get a good all round work out and is helpful, knowledgeable, motivating and professional." - IOANA B.
"Emma is a great personal trainer, she has a tailored and personal approach that I really like. I would definitely recommend her to others." - JESS H.
"Emma is a great trainer who pushes us and keeps us focused however we still manage to enjoy every session!" - SARAH G.